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Border Wait Times

By October 14, 2023December 29th, 2023No Comments

Reducing Border Wait Times

What Are the Normal Wait Times?

We understand that uncertainty can be particularly frustrating, especially for those with a tight schedule. Will you be stuck in line for three hours or just one? unpredictability can disrupt your plans and in some cases, make you late for work.. The truth is, you never know. Wait times fluctuate everyday, occasionally even stretching to as long as five hours which can translate to five hours wasted everyday of your life.

Tools to Navigate Wait Times

Luckily, there are tools at your disposal to navigate this unpredictability. U.S. Customs and Border Protection offers a practical solution in the form of the Border Wait Times application. This tool allows you to calculate real-time wait times at various Mexico-U.S. Additionally, it provides insights into the operating hours of each port of entry. With this app, you can check the average border crossing time, and typically, it’s less during early hours. Also there are 24/7 live cameras  that can be helpful to know how lines are at a particular time of the day and anticipate to traffic.

For firsthand information, consider becoming part of a Facebook group where people in similar situations share real time information, valuable suggestions, and tips. These groups are excellent resources for  learning the do’s and don’ts, and staying informed about border crossing experiences.

Finally, we suggest you explore services like “Cross Now” to enjoy shorter queues and faster border crossings, reducing uncertainty and stress.

This service can get you across in approximately 15 minutes!, which significantly reduce wait times can be extremely helpful for working people and daily commuters.

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