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CrossNOW: Save Time and Money

By March 22, 2024No Comments

CrossNOW: Save Time and Money

Daily commutes between Mexico and the United States are often plagued by lengthy wait times, causing stress and disrupting personal schedules. While options like “Fast Lane” passes might offer quicker crossings, their high cost  (4800-5400 pesos anually)creates a significant financial burden for many regular commuters.

Imagine the difference if your commute didn’t eat into valuable personal time. Think of the extra sleep you could catch, the leisurely breakfast you could enjoy, or simply arriving at work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. All of this is now possible with CrossNow!

A more economical and efficient alternative

Our shared scooter service allows people to cross the border in a fraction of the time spent waiting in car lanes, with an average wait time of only 20-30 minutes. Additionally, our scooters go directly to the front of the line, eliminating the need for long walks.

It’s a cost-effective alternative at just $400 pesos per crossing per unit, CrossNOW is significantly cheaper than traditional options. Split the cost with a colleague and pay only $200 pesos each. We’re also developing subscription plans for even greater savings for frequent commuters.

We understand everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we will be offering three service options:

  • Single Pass: Perfect for occasional cross-border trips.
  • Subscription: An economical choice for frequent commuters.
  • Purchase: Ideal for those who need a scooter for daily use.

At CrossNOW, we prioritize providing a valuable service at an accessible price. We believe everyone deserves a faster, more affordable way to commute across the border.

While the future of pedestrian toll lanes remains uncertain, there is a solution available today to help you navigate the San Ysidro border crossing more efficiently: Crossnow. This service ensures a quick process (15 minutes or less). So you have a pleasant trip and don’t worry about traffic. Know more about Cross Now: here

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CrossNOW: Save Time and Money

Daily commutes between Mexico and the United States are often plagued by lengthy wait times,…