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Forget SENTRI, Cross the Border in Minutes!

By February 7, 2024No Comments

Forget SENTRI, Cross the Border in Minutes!

Tired of horrible lines when returning from Tijuana and wasting valuable time? CrossNow offers you a unique and innovative solution. Optimise your time and cross the border without losing hours!

What can you do?

Choose CrossNow!

CrossNow allows you to cross without queuing. With our service, we guarantee a fast and efficient crossing in 15 minutes or less in a scooter. This alternative not only allows you to cross without queuing, but it also helps improve traffic flow for everyone.

Traffic at San Ysidro

How it works?

Is a new scooter rental service that allows you to cross the border effortlessly.Forget about long waits and discover a new way to cross the border service that allows you to:

  • Save time: Cross the border in minutes, without queues or congestion. Say goodbye to stress and make the most of your time.
  • Have greater flexibility: Forget about public transport timetables or the restrictions of private vehicles. Move freely and at your own pace.
  • Have comfort and convenience: Enjoy a safe ride and a more economic option than crossing by car.
  • Forget the hassle of SENTRI and motorcycle licences: That’s right! you don’t need neither of this to use our service.
  • Be safer: Much safer than a motorbike and much easier to handle. We get it, scooters can be intimidating, but they’re easy to ride.

We are improving traffic for everyone

With every scooter that crosses, traffic is reduced. They take up less space and move faster in lines, which benefits everyone.
We are working to make the return crossing queue-free. Our goal is to get you back to Mexico and the U.S without unnecessary waiting and help the overall traffic.

Visit our website to learn more! click here

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