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Growing delays in border crossings into Mexico

By November 6, 2023December 29th, 2023No Comments

Growing delays in border crossings into Mexico

According to recent news, Tijuana is experimenting delays in crossing back into Mexico. Travelers are now facing wait times that have doubled or even tripled compared to what they used to be, and this situation has led to uncertainty.

With over 140,000 people crossing the US-Mexico border every day, more than 40,000 do so by car. In recent weeks, many drivers have grown frustrated with how long they’re having to wait to go back into Mexico, particularly for southbound travelers.

What's causing these delays, and how is it affecting?

Joaquin Lufkin, the executive director of the Smart Border Coalition, claims that one of the reasons for the delays is infrastructure changes on the Mexican side, forcing the Army to shut down lanes during peak hours. Approximately six to eight lanes out of 20 are open, which is big reduction. Another reason, are CBP vehicle inspections heading southbound and bridge repairs in Tijuana.

Moreover, the immigration of San Diegans who have either moved to Tijuana or are in the process of doing so due to the high living costs adds to these delays.

All these factors contribute to the overall slowdown in border crossings and are affecting cross-border businesses. Shoppers who crossed the border for their purchases now need to have a really good reason to cross.

As a result of this situation, we recommend that you opt for time-saving services like “Cross Now” to enjoy shorter queues and faster border crossings. These strategic solutions not only save time but also make a positive impact on overall traffic and contribute to smoother border crossings that benefit all travelers.

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