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Most Popular USA Crossings

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Most Popular USA Crossings

Baja California, known for its vibrancy and cultural ambience, has several key border crossings connecting it to the United States. In this blog post, we will explore the most popular entry points.

Giants of the Gateway

San Ysidro/El Chaparral Port of Entry

Known as the busiest land border crossing in the world,  facilitates more than 21 million crossings annually. Its efficiency is undeniable, but be prepared for crowds and wait times, especially in high season. For those seeking an authentic and energetic border crossing experience, San Ysidro/El Chaparral stands triumphant.

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Otay Mesa Port of Entry

Offering a more streamlined alternative, Otay Mesa handles approximately 7 million crossings annually. Otay Mesa is the focal point for commercial traffic and facilitates the movement of goods and services, as well as boosting trade between Tijuana and the United States.

Pedestrian Crossings


PedWest, at the west end of San Ysidro, is a pedestrian-only crossing designed for a straightforward experience.

This lane is packed with locals and tourists looking for a quick passage between Tijuana’s vibrant downtown and San Diego’s urban landscape. Pack light and get ready to head deep into Baja California.


Tecate Port of Entry

This less congested crossing has an efficient layout and stable car traffic, ideal for those who prioritise a smoother border experience. While Tecate lacks immediate proximity to the attractions of Tijuana, it offers a charming gateway to its own unique corners of Baja California.

Crossing Tips

  • Research peak travel times: Plan your journey strategically to avoid long waits. Weekends and holidays tend to be more congested.
  • Carry efficient luggage: Carry little luggage, especially at pedestrian crossings. Bulky objects and liquids can cause delays.
  • Check essential documents: Make sure your passport and necessary visas are valid and easily accessible.

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